Baby Products Out There To Wash Your Baby In

There are literally thousands of baby products out there to wash your baby in, from baby shampoo and baby soap to bubble and spray bottle and all-natural baby products like baby oil. While most of these items are safe and healthy for your baby's skin and body, a few can cause your baby irritation or allergic reactions. Thankfully, most of these products are mild and safe to use, but they are not without their side effects. Here are the most common and dangerous baby products around.

Baby detergents are often used in the baby's diaper area to get rid of stubborn stains, excess oils, or just to keep things sanitary. Unfortunately, detergents can also contain harsh chemicals and dyes that can irritate your baby's skin. If you find a detergent that is causing your baby to have a rash or itch around the diaper area, it is likely that you are using a baby detergent that contains chlorobenzene or triclosan.

Many baby skin care products are designed with an eye on your child's delicate skin, but they still contain harsh ingredients like alcohol and fragrances that can be irritating or even dangerous to your child. In addition to irritating the skin, alcohol and other chemicals are drying and can cause redness and flaking around the diaper area. Avoid baby skin care products that contain alcohol, such as baby oil or moisturizers; instead look for baby products that have natural ingredients like aloe vera or jojoba oil.

Another common cause of irritation and allergic reactions is the fact that some baby products contain fragrances. Some of these fragrance products, such as baby lotions and colognes, can also be very irritating to the skin of a baby, especially if they contain high amounts of perfume or are in very concentrated forms. If a baby product is irritating to the skin or causing redness, itching or burning, it is probably a good idea to avoid it.

Many babies prefer to use pacifiers to help ease the fussing and screaming of their parents, but the pacifiers they use can leave harmful chemicals and dyes on their baby's diaper area. Baby pacifiers can contain small amounts of pacifier formula, which can also be a source of irritation or allergy to babies. Other baby products, like teachers and chew toys, can also contain fragrances and dyes that may irritate your baby's skin. So it is best to steer clear of these products if you want a peaceful night sleep for your child.

These are only a few of the most common and dangerous baby products found in baby products, and hopefully this list will give you a good starting point when searching for the best baby products. It is best to ask your child about his or her skin concerns, and if possible, get advice from a doctor before using any products.

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