Best Framing Choices For the Home Owner Builder

The quality and strength you get from your finished product will depend on how well it is built. Attention to detail is important. There are many ways to create a quality frame.

The Major Home Framing Options and Their Advantages

Before you draw your blueprints, you must choose the framing technique. This is important because it will affect the choice of material and the engineering work. All good blueprints identify and list these materials.

1) Site built steel framing:


Steel frame construction is more environmentally friendly due to its durability and proclivity to recycling. It is less expensive than wood but it is lighter and straighter.


It is becoming easier to find the labor for steel-framed homes. Do-it-yourselfers who are used to wood stick framing should be aware of the fact that this process requires different skills.

2) Traditional wood/stick framing

The most affordable option is wood stud framing. The product availability is often the highest. This is particularly true if you are buying an unassembled product and not pre-nailed panels.


Wood stick framing uses the most commonly used materials in the USA, Canada, and most of Australia. This makes it easy to find skilled labor.

3 ) Panelized steel or wood framing

Panelized walls reduce labor costs and can be done on-site. Panels you purchase include labor costs. These panels can be used to save time and money at the construction site.


Panels that are well-built can make it easier to hire less skilled and possibly lower-paid framers. Because you are purchasing labor, the lumber panels will cost more. But, most of the labor is done in an assembly line and is relatively inexpensive.


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