Buy Isreali Gas Masks

If you wanted to buy the very best, state of the art, modern, intelligent gas mask available in the world, where would you go? You can buy these masks from army surplus stores. Most military men and collectors of military equipment agree that the Israeli army constantly designs and mass produces the finest gas masks on the planet. There are many army surplus stores such as RDD USA where you can buy it.

For decades, Israel has faced attacks from Middle Eastern terrorists and the threat of a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack on this small country has grown larger every day. In an area of the world that is constantly in turmoil, it makes sense that the tiny nation of Israel would produce the best protection. 

Israeli gas masks are known throughout the world as the finest of their kind, possessing the most advanced filtration systems to protect against as many known weapons of mass destruction as possible. When your neighbor is your enemy, you want to use the best.

It is a canteen ready with safety connections for drinking in NBC environments and comes equipped with a fully approved filter. The Israeli Gas Mask is a truly impressive piece of protective gear used by the US Military.

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