Choosing A Tutor For Your Child In Charlotte

You know that summertime is supposed to be full of sunshine, chasing tadpoles and creeks, a first summer job, and budding romances. However, for many students with dyslexia summer is the time to catch up on reading and writing skills.

Use summertime to fill performance gaps as vigorously as possible to maintain what has been achieved during the school year. Here are some ideas that can help parents choose teachers based on their students' needs and want. There are many tutors that also provide the facility of nonsense word assessment tests.

1. It is difficult to find a reputable and qualified professional, so ask someone who is knowledgeable. Make sure you do your due diligence and inquire about education, previous work experience, and specific training in learning approaches tailored to the needs of dyslexic students.

2. Don't be shy about seeking recommendations from previous students who have seen the teacher. You can also ask to speak to a former client of a teacher who says there is nothing quite like a referral from another parent.

3. If you choose to have an intense summertime to narrow the performance gap, ask teachers about their guidelines for giving students breaks during long classes.

4. Select a teacher who will communicate with school staff and share progress reports and short summary reports on student summer projects. It is useful for teachers to predict the needs of students in the next school year.

5. Finally, if you ask your child and family to spend a sunny summer to fill the gap in your child's achievement, fill the rest of the day with lots of outdoor play, hours of socializing, music, laughter, and naps.

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