Classic education: 4 reasons why Classic hair extensions are right for you

While you already have a wide variety of Enhance Image to choose from, including halo hair extensions, flawless hair extensions, and tail extensions, is there anything better than classic comfort?

If you are wondering which hair extension collection will make you last longer, fuller, and last longer, read on.

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1. Sewn with a cloth base

What exactly makes hair extensions a classic? While classic usually refers to Beethoven or Dickens, classic hair extensions in Image Enhance, unlike silicones or other materials, refer to stitched fabric extensions. 100% human hair rum is sewn onto a piece of cloth, after which the clips are hand sewn to each weft.

 2. More volume on the base

If you have thinner hair, your first trend is to go for straight hair extensions as the weft threads are thinner than the classic ones. However, classic hair extensions are perfect for you if you have thin hair. Why? Due to the thicker seam base we mentioned earlier, it adds a bit of bump to the base of the shot, giving you more root volume and much-needed fullness and buoyancy.

3. The ponytail is thicker and more elegant

What could be more classic than a pony for a high jump or an upgrade for a special occasion? While we offer ponytail extensions, you can add a longer, thicker ponytail with a variety of hair extensions for a variety of reasons. Your hair may be too thick or too short to tie into a ponytail, or a refinement you had been thinking about couldn't combine with ready-made solutions like a ponytail or a halo.

4. Special weight and length

The classic hair extension is the OG hair extension, which is available in various lengths and weights depending on the hair type. Whether you have shorter hair and are just looking for natural volume or you already have thick hair and are looking for a bomb's length and thickness.

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