Contemporary and Modern Carpets and Rugs Design

One of the most influential people for modern carpets and rugs are William Morris. He is considered to carpet an art form not only a floor covering. his advocacy of a total work of art is renewed interest in traditional craftsmanship. Arts and Crafts movement became known throughout Europe, and to be influential in every country.

The Art Nouveau movement characterized by highly-stylized, flowing, curvilinear designs, often incorporated motifs inspired plants and other flowers. He went through some changes and became the foundation of the modernist movement. You can hop over this site to get more knowledge about modern rug designing.

Fauvism characterized by the use of imaginative colors and simplified lines. Gustave Moreau was the movement inspiring teacher and Henri Matisse is considered one of the best pupils. In cubism, objects were broken artwork, analyzed and re-assembled in the abstract. The invention of Cubism was a joint effort between Picasso and Braque. Some believe that the roots of Cubism can be found in two different tendencies of the job then Paul Cezanne.

Functional textile design began in Germany at the Bauhaus, the first school of industrial design. This school maintains close ties with many contemporary artists such as Paul Klee and Vasily Kandinsky.

After the First World War and the mechanization of labor, particularly invested in a fancy French custom made carpet. Art Deco carpet becomes the focal point of a room, with an initially dense pattern of flowers, geometric patterns and then elaborate.

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