Differences Between Video Editing And Motion Graphics

This is actually a very interesting topic where you will know the difference between both amazing techniques of video editing and motion/info graphic video. Actually, both techniques are part of the post-production field. Post-production is the editing phase that adds visual charts in your video. So, let's discuss both fields one by one.

Motion Graphics

Actually, graphic motion means a moving graphic. Graphics can be pictures or shapes. You can make extraordinary motion graphics in motion graphics software. Motion Graphics makes your videos more attractive to watch. You can work with text also in a very good way. Properties like rotation, positing and scaling are used to give motion. Motion graphics are linked with animation of logos and texts.

Video editing

After photographing any video or film, it is necessary to give the last look. That's why video editing is used. With simple words, we can say that video editing is a technique for setting several video clips in the right way. Not only videos but the audio is also edited in video editing.

Video editing can be done on computers, laptops and cellphones. There are software varieties and applications used by video editors. It is not necessary to use video editing software by video editors. Newbies or any person who is passionate about the creative field can also use video editing software to edit small videos for personal purposes.

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