Different Implants Option For Replacing Missing Teeth

The loss of teeth can be extremely painful. The loss of teeth can also affect adjacent teeth, causing them to move or tip over into the gap created by the tooth that was lost. This can cause problems with chewing and impacts not only your oral health but your smile's beauty. Teeth can be lost because of a variety of reasons, including accidents, injuries, dental cavities teeth decay, and gum disease.

There are a variety of implant options for replacing teeth that you can receive a new tooth that matches the color of your teeth. Your dentist will assist you in determining the best treatment for you.

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Dentures- Dentures are among the best economical solutions for replacing teeth that are missing. Dentures are artificial teeth that can be removed that are fixed into metal or plastic frameworks. Dentures are either complete or partial. 

Partial dentures can be designed to fill in one of the missing teeth. Full dentures are required to replace all missing teeth on the lower or upper jaw. There is a possibility of feeling a bit uncomfortable at first since it takes some time to adjust to dentures. 

Bridges– They are suggested in cases where only two or three teeth have a replacement. In this procedure, natural teeth that are on opposite sides of the missing tooth can be used to support an artificial tooth between them. 

Natural teeth need to be adjusted to fit crowns that support them. Bridges are constructed of porcelain or steel. Your dentist will advise you to purchase an adjustable or fixed bridge after having a look at your situation.

Dental implant- Dental Implants are the most effective method to replace missing teeth. In this procedure, an artificial tooth (titanium metallic rod) is surgically implanted in the jawbone. A tooth substitute is put on the implant to substitute for the tooth that is missing. 

Implants are not a threat to adjacent teeth and appearance and function are similar to natural teeth. Dental implants are safe reliable, comfortable, and attractive tooth replacement alternative. If properly maintained implants will last for a longer duration.

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