Different Types of Facelift Procedures

There are many visible signs that aging is taking place on the neck and face. Most commonly, wrinkles are found around the eyes and in the area between the nose and the mouth.

A patient can choose from a neck lift or limited facelift as well as a traditional facelift. To get more details about the facelift procedure you may check it here. Your surgeon will explain the differences in each procedure and help you choose the one that delivers the best results.

Facelift Procedure

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Each procedure involves the removal of excess skin to give you a younger, more youthful appearance.

Neck Lift: A neck lift is a procedure that improves the appearance of jowls and double chins. It also addresses sagging skin around the neck area and chin. An incision is made at the base and ends of the earlobe. This will allow for the scalp to be repositioned and run down into the lower hairline.

Limited Facelift: A minimal facelift is a procedure that involves a smaller incision at the temples, the ear, and around the eyelid. A smaller incision allows for a shorter recovery time and less drastic changes in your appearance.

Traditional Facelift: An incision is made at the hairline for a traditional facelift. The incision may extend above the temples or down around the earlobe. This allows the surgeon to access the underlying tissues and muscles. He can then tighten them. At this point, the surgeon might also reposition fat on the face.

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