Does Air Purifier Remove COVID?

Air purifiers are widely used to purify the air inside the house. People have realized that the air inside the house is dirtier and more dangerous than the air outside because of the confined space and lack of cross ventilation. Air purifiers are packed with world-class technology to deliver 99.9% purified air by eliminating all kinds of allergens, dust and debris, and pollutants as low as 0.05 microns. You can check out the best air purifier reviews by consumer reports to identify the most suitable product for your requirements.

Air Purifier And COVID

People know about the capabilities of air purifiers, but they are not sure whether these appliances are capable of eliminating Coronavirus. The reason why people are compelled to ask this question is that air purifiers are advertised as killers of viruses and bacteria, and since COVID is a virus, it is obvious for people to believe that their air purifiers can handle COVID as well. But, COVID is not similar to other viruses. Though there are vaccines available for COVID, yet there are 3-4% chances that a person contracting COVID can die, so the fear still exists. The filter installed in air purifiers can reduce the potential for airborne transmission of COVID 19 indoors, but that is only possible if people follow social distancing and wear masks when meeting each other. An air purifier is still a very effective unit for killing most of the viruses, bacteria, and allergens, so you must have one installed in your house and office. 

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