Dog Grooming in Chapel Hill

It is all so tempting when you see that bundle of fluff in the pet shop window, to take him home without thinking of the ongoing maintenance. They soon grow out of their cotton candy coats and can turn into matted balls of mischief! 

Many people don't realize that a lot of long-haired dogs – Poodles, Schihtzu, Bishops, and Maltese, etc require everyday grooming and a trip to the beauty parlor every 6 weeks just to keep them in a manageable condition. You can take your dog to grooming centers for dog grooming in Chapel Hill at

This has to be done from 6 weeks of age so they get used to the process of brushing and clipping and get used to being handled otherwise they can become aggressive and frightened. Also, long-haired dogs may be more prone to fleas and it may be harder to find ticks in their coats. 


This all has to be taken into account when purchasing that cute little puppy with the big brown eyes.

The fancy show clips you see on the Poodles with all the pom poms on their legs heads and tails and the Maltese with silky white coats down to the ground, these are dogs that are bred for showing and breeding, they are used to spending hours a day on a grooming table being clipped and brushed and blow-dried, in reality, if you work 5 days a week, have children, have hobbies or in fact have any life at all, it is impossible to keep the average family pet like this.

It is far more practical to keep your dog clipped and comfortable so you only have to do a once a week brush through and a regular visit to the beauty parlor.

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