Dumbbell Selectorized Home Gym

Dumbbells have been the staple of physical fitness training for years, but an increasing number of people are choosing adjustable dumbbells over traditional weights. This may be because they are more convenient, or because adjustable dumbbells offer a wider range of exercise. There's no question that adjustable dumbbells can provide a wide range of exercise, but are they right for you? Let's look at the pros and cons of adjustable dumbbells to help you decide.

One thing that's important to remember when comparing fixed dumbbell sets to adjustable dumbbells is the weight factor. A fixed dumbbell set will include all of the weight for that particular weight range, which means if you end up using much more weight than is included in the original box, you'll either have to buy more weights (which can be costly) or change the exercises you use to compensate. With an adjustable dumbbell set, you can simply move the weight around until you find the weight that works best for you. Because adjustable dumbbells are usually a good investment – the most high-quality sets on this list generally range from about $200 to more than a thousand dollars – you need to ensure that you're buying weights that you're going to be satisfied with, since otherwise you might as well keep your money in the bank.

One thing to consider when looking at adjustable dumbbell sets is whether they offer a full range of weights – either whole body or max capacity. For example, you may need more strength for pressing than you do for holding a book, but you can always add weights by adding plates to your max capacity dumbbell set. The plates allow you to lift much heavier weights, and the higher you lift the weights, the more potential energy you'll have to push yourself further.

For those whose goal is to reduce their bulk – for example, if you are tall and want to reduce the appearance of your frame – the standard adjustable dumbbells will work fine. You can just buy the weights less bulky and adjust them as needed. This also means that you can get more varied range of motion, as heavier weights can be handled more easily by your muscles, and lighter weights allow your muscles to adapt more quickly to the new weight.

For those who want to perform more advanced exercises, or are interested in developing their strength for sports, a fully adjustable dumbbell set may be more appropriate. These are typically made up of two separate pieces: a grip, which are composed of finger rest and a rubberized top, and a training bar, which has a recessed steel spring and are attached to the grip. When you put on the grip, you can adjust the weight bar to any level between one and two pounds. The training bar can also be moved between hands, which is useful for exercises where you have to repeat the same exercise in two different hands. The most common exercises performed with the training bar are curls, which target both biceps and triceps, and push-ups, which target your chest and upper back.

With the fixed dumbbell set, there is no possibility of moving the weights less than a quarter of an inch. If you try to increase this width of grip when using standard weights, it could result in serious injury. A far too narrow grip could crush your fingers, which would make exercising with dumbbells far more difficult and even impossible. This type of injury is far more common than one would think. For this reason, if you are serious about getting into shape, and have a regular home gym, then you should strongly consider adding adjustable dumbbells to your workout routines.

There are also many additional features available with the selectorized adjustable dumbbells. For example, there are two separate weight ranges. This means that each weight range can be individually adjusted, providing you with the ability to vary the amount of weight you use on any given day. There are also varying grips available, to accommodate your individual hand sizes and hand curvatures. Finally, there are resistance levels available, to give you the ability to train at various challenging levels.

There are two broad categories of dumbbell ends: the conventional fixed weight end and the extra wide adjustable dumbbell end. The traditional fixed weight end has the same weight range as the extra wide end. There are other differences between the two, including the number of grips that are available. The extra wide end includes more than two broad categories of weight selections.

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