Essential Oils and Hydrosols Products For Glowing Skin

Hydrosols also called hydrolats, floral waters, or distilled water, are a by-product of refining essential oils. When essential oils are distilled, steam water is used to extract the essential oils. 

This water flows through the distillation method several times. As it absorbs many water-soluble components from the plant materials used. 

You can browse for more details about essential oil.

What is hydrosol used for?

Hydrosol is a great toner for the skin. They can not be dried out, so they can be used several times a day. It can also be used to make face masks or skincare products.

For skincare, you can get more benefits by choosing a hydrosol that suits your skin type. As an example –

Rose Hydrosol – suitable for all skin types, but especially useful for dry and sensitive skin

Orange flower hydrosol – perfect for normal to oily skin.

Lavender hydrosol – useful for imperfect skin.

Some of the uses of hydrosols are:

– Like a refreshing facial spray – store the hydrosol spray in the fridge and spray on the face/body for an immediate refresh.

– Helps soothe irritated skin.

– Make your own wet wipes – spray them on a damp cloth and use them to gently clean your face, hands, or even dirty underwear!

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