Everything You Need To Know About Marble Stone Tiles

Marble is the most used natural stone for flooring. Still, not many are aware of terminology or the set of words related to marble stone tiles. We attempt to include and define some of the most common words and jargon related to marble –

"Polished" is also a surface finish choice. When you buy polished marble stone, you get the super smooth and shiny floor and wall surfaces. In order to maintain your floors, you can get the stone polishing service.

Sealant is a type of polish that you apply to your stone tiles after installation. The very purpose of sealing your marble flooring is to enhance its shine, fills its pores and cracks, and protect it from stains and minor damages.

Technically, it is ceramic or porcelain tile that has been designed to represent the look and feel of this natural stone. Textured ceramic or porcelain tile is not as expensive as authentic stone.

Marble is widely used for enhancing the look of constructions indoors and outdoors. The stone tile used for that purpose is called accent tile. If you have to create a design feature in your living room, then the most recommended tile would be accent tile.

Grout is the paste that is filled into the joints between two adjacent marble stone tiles. You need to choose grout color based on the color of the stone and grout type based on the area or room, where you are going to install the stone.

Honed is a type of surface finish, which is smooth, however, not too shiny. This is the ideal marble finish for flooring in the bathroom, kitchen, and living area.

Artificial marble stone is not even a natural stone. However, it looks exactly like marble. The texture and the veining – everything in the artificial marble is artificial.

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