Everything You Should Know About Public Adjusters

Insurance companies are always advertised as "charities" that are honest and willing to help you in an emergency. While useful for protecting assets, they are still a business.

This means that their main goal is to make a profit and stay in business. You can also hire public adjuster in Chicago through the web.

Public Adjuster Fees

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One trick insurance companies use is to introduce loopholes to help them avoid compensating some of their customers when they file a claim.

Therefore, they voluntarily take up insurance contracts without fully understanding the terms and potential loopholes.

This is where regulatory authorities step in. They challenge insurance companies when they fail to negotiate adequate compensation. Some of the common doors they deal with are:

Double tragedy

Some people lost their possessions in a double tragedy. For example, your house might be hit by a storm and still be washed away by the flood.

So if you are hit by a hurricane but not submerged, your claim will most likely be denied. However, public regulators can negotiate your request to help you avoid falling victim to the door.


Many insurance companies will not reimburse you if you file a claim for a condition that existed before your insurance. For example, cancer patients cannot benefit from their health insurance if the insurance company determines that they have been diagnosed before applying for coverage.

The best way to avoid falling victim to such loopholes is to carefully read each insurance company's policies. Also, contact public regulators if you feel you can sue.

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