Eyeshadow for Brown Eyed Girls

There is a select group of women who are lucky enough to be able to wear almost any color of eyeliner or eye shadow they want. This group is of course the girls with brown eyes.

Brown is a naturally neutral color that can be easily matched with almost any color spectrum. Whether your eyes are rich and dark brown molasses or a lighter shade of milk chocolate, the color palette is made for you.

Too often girls with brown eyes make the mistake of thinking that all they can do is wear dark eyeliner colors and shadows. Not true at all. Dark colors are usually too aggressive for brown eyes and lose their natural color. Instead, choose colors and patterns that will highlight and dazzle your eyes. You can buy the best quality Eyeshadow Palettes for Kids, Teens, and Tweens online.

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Choosing a color combination for your eyes depends on your personality and sense of style. Blues and purples are great for brown eyes, but earthy tones like green or yes even brown will look just as glamorous.

The secret to shading brown eyes is to apply your color in a trio. It's a good idea to choose a base color that's about a shade darker than your natural skin tone. Accent colors and dim lighting should complement the original hues.

To add a dramatic effect, you can apply some primary color just below the lower lashes to make your eyes shine. A little mascara completes the look of this beautiful brown-eyed girl.

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