Facts About Eyelash Extensions

No matter how much you love beauty and makeup, women feel bored and daunting in terms of daily work preparation. Eyelash extensions are the right choice for you. You don't have to put on makeup every day. You won't always feel the need to put on makeup.

Eyelash extensions are made of synthetic materials such as silk or mink. The single lashes are attached to the permanent lashes with glue. However, this is not a permanent lash process. Check out the facts about eyelash extensions

You Can Customize The Lash Extension Process

You cannot start the lash extension process. Before doing this, you can adjust the length, style, and thickness of the lashes. There are different types of material like faux mink, real human hair, silk faux mink, real mink, etc. It is good to choose faux mink because it is pocket friendly. You can also buy faux mink eyelashes online via https://www.gladgirl.com/collections/individual-mink-lashes

The Duration Of The Eyelash Extension Is Quite Long

If you stick with the extension as the techs say, it will take you months. The salon recommends that you come in with a fee and a touch every two or three weeks. But if you want to save money, your lashes can last longer. You just need to avoid oily products and use plenty of water around your eyes.

You Can Apply Makeup With Eyelash Extensions

If you crave smoky eye makeup. Do not worry. You can apply it. Only fatty products are not allowed near the eyes. You can even apply liquid mascara, but be careful when removing mascara and makeup. This can break the extension. Avoid using mascara and sliding it along the lash line. This can seriously break the extension.

It is better not to believe the myths and better do some research before proceeding with the eyelash extension process.

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