Home Window Replacement Guide

Minor Glass Repairs and Window Repairs

Just like any part of a home, windows can also suffer from damage that can worsen over time. Minor hardware issues and broken glass might be fixed from time to time, however, some problems will require a complete window replacement.

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Here are the most frequently cited causes for window repairs to ensure your windows are operating and looking brand new:

Broken Glass

The glass comes with several attractive qualities such as transparency and UV resistance, as well as water resistance. However, glass is prone to cracking, chipping, and breaking. If a sharp object strikes the surface, ugly cracks may be visible on the surface of the glass. They may spread further over the entire panel. The pieces can break off and leave a gap.

Broken Dual Pane Seals

Insulated glass units are prone to failure of seals over time and appear blurred or dirty. Seals are substances that are placed on areas of the double – and triple-pane windows to protect the air gap. The break-in seal signifies that moisture may find it into the space. The obvious sign is a fogged panel which severely decreases visibility.

Sticking Windows

In time, locks balances, rollers, and tracks get dirty, rusty, and cease to function properly. These components of the hardware can cause sliding windows to become stuck or to not slide easily. Sometimes, the lubricant may help the situation. However, for a complete restoration of the window, the components must be replaced.

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