Hootsuite App With Messenger Bot in Action

Recently there has been quite an interest in Facebook Messenger Bot an innovative bot that can now be used online. This article aims to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Messenger Bot, and whether or not it is something you should use for your business. So, firstly what is this thing? Simply put, a messenger bot is simply a program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) intelligence to chat with users.

And speaking of artificial intelligence, Messenger Bot is indeed an artificially intelligent program. It can remember every single chat that you have ever had with it and then it can carry on with those conversations later on. It can even remember what you have said and how you have said it! These bots can virtually do everything that a real human can.

There are some obvious benefits of using these automated chat programs such as:

* It offers superior customer service. Unlike real live agents, automated bots can help out with queries and complaints by looking up and answering them. They can even provide live chat support for customers so that they don't need to contact live customer service representatives. In fact, this customer service feature of Messenger Bot is so good that many people actually prefer having a chat with a bot instead of an actual person!

* A campaign sequence can be set up easily with Messenger Bot. The campaign sequence is simply a series of preset messages that you can customize according to the needs of your company. If you need to follow up with a customer, you can set up a campaign that will then follow up with that customer anytime he chooses during the day or night. You can even set up a campaign sequence which will then send a follow-up message at a specific time every day or at a specific hour.

* You can also let Messenger Bots perform tasks that regular humans can. There are currently over 80 apps that are already built-in on Messenger Bot. These apps include apps for weather, currency exchange, local shopping, travel, local mapping, news, sports, weather, radio, music, videos, radio channels, and many more. Since these bot-based apps are all built-in, it would take a lot of work to modify the existing ones to be bot-friendly. Thus, a lot of free work is already done in the sphere of setting up different bot-friendly applications for businesses which may make it easier for companies to fully utilize their Facebook Messenger Bot for business marketing.

* Using bots in customer service can make it easier for a customer to contact you. When you use Messenger Bot, you will no longer need to make human phone calls to deal with potential customers because the bot can already take those calls for you. Thus, you do not lose the opportunity of interacting with a potential client. This is especially useful for international and multi-cultural businesses as it allows them to respond to customer queries in a timely manner.

* You can also use messenger bots for social media marketing. With most social media platforms being free, using Messenger Bot for your marketing strategy makes sense. You only need to have an account on each of the platforms to be able to launch your boat. Your bot will also be able to post tweets and responses to other users, which will make it easier for your followers to notice you and follow you on Twitter.

Messenger Bot has been a successful venture for Twitter, and it looks like it will be a successful venture for other businesses as well. Unlike other chat bots, Messenger Bot does not use your bandwidth. However, you should still not overuse your bandwidth. The bandwidth will only be used to send and receive messages from other bot users. Hootsuite app is an excellent way to use chat bots for your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media marketing efforts.

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