How Does Call Tracking Work?

Yes, technology has also made its place in the world of advertising. It is difficult to find a place in the world where technology has not happened and things have changed.

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How Does Call Tracking Work?

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Call tracking is a marketing analytics tool that lets advertisers use unique tracking numbers on every ad they place. This allows advertisers to see which advertisement is producing the best results and the best ROI.

It also provides a comprehensive set of reports and graphs on its calls and campaigns to help the customer analyze the data. It is an emerging technology dating back to the 90s. It is developing at a slow pace with advanced technologies in the field.

Call tracking works by passing a call from the phone company through a proprietary phone system that monitors, records, databases, and tracks incoming calls. These systems are typically hosted in a large data center with backup generators and firewalls protecting against disaster or attack. These servers can handle dozens if hundreds of calls are going through them at once.

Once the phone passes through the phone system, it is sent to the client who is paying for the service. This call transfer originally occurred in all seconds without the caller being notified. The call is then answered by the client and interacts with the system listening and recording the call.

Call tracking works on one of two setups; TDM or VoIP. A TDM setup works on standard digital phone T1 circuits. A VoIP setup is run by sending phone call packets through the Internet and is not plugged directly into the PSTN (public switched telephone network).

A new type of system is emerging is a phone system with a VoIP software backbone but with a direct fiber-optic connection at the phone company. This type of hybrid system has all the benefits of a VoIP system with all the new features that VoIP offers but no poor call quality that VoIP offers.

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