How The Bible Studies For Women Are Beneficial In The Most Difficult Of Times?

In difficult times, studying the Bible is more important than ever. Follow Jesus wholeheartedly mean devoting to him from today. And this means to really dig into the Bible. You can visit the Amazing Bible Timeline to get more information about the bible genealogy timeline.

As a wife, mother, professional, homeschooling parents, students, or young teens – whatever stage of life you are in-Bible study for women, can help you rise above the difficulties, finding new joy, and fell in love with the Savior. 

But this time also busy times, so how do we create the space to do a Bible study for women? Here are some ideas that might inspire you:

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Read the Bible during the meal. We need the Word of God as much as or more than eating! Develop a reading plan that follows the chapters in each different type of book in the Bible, such as history, literature wisdom, prophets, gospels, letters, etc. 

Read Psalms. The message right before you goes to bed at night. Choose a short section that strikes a deep chord in your heart, memorize it, and make it your mission to the next day. Remember and pray about it even before you get out of bed.

Aim to spend time with Jesus first thing in the morning, even if it's just for five minutes! Spending time with Jesus and doing Bible study for women are not meant to be a burden or any other item that you check out of your to-do list, but the source of true joy! Whether we admit it or not, we need Him moment by moment, day by day.


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