How To Choose A TV Mounting For Flat Screen

Choosing a TV wall mount for your flat screen isn't as simple as matching size and getting the right tool. Making the right decision about which TV stand to use depends on how you will actually use the flat-screen TV and in which room the TV stand and TV stand will be placed in your home.

Ease of use, size, weight, assembly effort, and price are all important factors when choosing the best stand for a flat-screen TV.

Here are the three main types of flat-screen Television mounting :

DIY Mounting – If you are familiar with power tools and enjoy making things yourself, a DIY project might be the best idea for you. Experience success, impress your friends and most importantly save money by assembling your own TV. There are many websites and videos dedicated to this topic. 

Fixed TV Mounting – If you are interested in adjusting (or tilting) your HDTV to increase the vertical viewing angle, consider tilting. They are also quite easy to install and can give you more room to insert and remove cables. So, if your TV is four to five feet from the floor, tilting the TV down will give you the best viewing experience. 

Full Motion TV Mounting – This can also be called a swivel stand. If you want complete control over the movement of your flat-screen TV (both vertically and horizontally), you should go for the full-screen montage. This free movement is achieved with the help of straight arms. 

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