How to Earn Free IMVU Credits

Luckily, this article will be giving you all sorts of ways to earn IMVU Credits. To make sure you have enough IMVU Credits to keep your swag going strong, we’ll be telling you how to earn IMVU Credits. Most of you will be looking forward to the free methods, so we’ll covert them in this article. 

Play Daily Games

There are various reward platforms online where you can play games and earn points. You can play once every 24 hours, and you will have the opportunity to win 10 to 50 free IMVU credits. Yes, this is one of the slower income methods, but playing games is a no-brainer. You can also win the things you registered on your wish list, so you definitely won't ignore this method!  You can play games to earn free imvu credits through

 Do assignments on the IMVU application

You can get free IMVU credit by doing three types of online tasks in the IMVU application on the Play Store or iTunes. They include watching videos, answering surveys, and completing offers.

Video is basically a sponsored content, and you get 6 credits when you finish watching videos. Income is quite low with this method, but because this is a passive income method, we still recommend you do this.

Answering surveys is just that – you provide your feedback on a variety of topics. These surveys are commissioned by companies conducting market research. Since surveys need to be assigned to appropriate members, you will have to provide personal and demographic info, like your name, age, and location. The amount of free IMVU Credits you earn will depend on the length and complexity of the survey.

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