How to Naturally Reduce Anxiety?

When a person is feeling anxious, they can use methods that can help deal with the worry and to Balance the Bossy Brain. Then dealing with what caused the fear can actually help the person regain control of their emotions.

A warm herbal bath is always soothing, and can cure anxiety. Mix a soothing herb like chamomile or lavender in warm water before taking a shower. 

It is also useful to mix a few drops of essential oil in water. Natural herbal teas such as chamomile, hops, catnip, and valerian root can help relieve a person's negative feelings.

Chamomile is actually used for children because it is a mild herb as part of natural anxiety treatment.When a person is feeling anxious, they usually breathe faster, and just having a normal breathing rate and learning to breathe deeper and more gently will help the person feel calm. 

Take deep breaths and hold your breath if necessary. Similarly, exercise is a wonderful method that reduces stress and stops nervous anxiety. 

Frequent walking for at least 30 minutes a day is known to improve mental and physical health and naturally manage anxiety.

After a person learns these natural steps to reduce anxiety, keep a journal of thoughts. This is a good step in identifying the cause of stress and requires several methods to analyze this problem in life. 


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