How to Recycle Your Car at Auto Salvage yard and Make Some Money?

Find a scrap yard that will take apart your car to get rid of any parts. Accidents and write-offs don't just happen with older vehicles. They also occur with newer vehicles that are often not able to be resuscitated sufficiently to make them roadworthy.

They are then taken to an automobile recycling facility like the Hazel Street facility, where all of the usable parts are removed during the dismantling process. You can get the best auto salvage yard services from

Some car owners believe that there is no way to make money if their vehicle goes to an auto salvage yard. They just dump it at a landfill hoping someone will take it. You are doing more than just getting money for your vehicle by taking it to an Automotive recycler.

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However, most vehicles have value in spare parts that are still functional after an accident. Car scrapping companies will give you a price for the vehicle's body and any other usable parts. Any steel that remains on auto can be broken down and recycled. Before this can happen, the tires and rims of your auto must be removed.

You must ensure that the lights have not been damaged or removed. There are many useful parts inside, including the upholstery, locks, and instrument panels. Carpeting and seat covers are also available.

After all of the parts are removed, the automobile recycling company makes sure that nothing goes to waste. They use a car crusher in order to reduce the vehicle's size so it can be easily transported to a steel plant.

The U.S. alone sees 15 million vehicles lose their value each year and end up in the dumps. Nearly 75% of these vehicles are recyclable. Automobiles are shred and the valuable metal content is recovered. This provides 14 million tons of steel per year for the steel industry. The U.S. recycles approximately 10 million vehicles annually. Cars are the most popular recycled product.

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