How To Understand Psychological Assessment

IQ is probably the most commonly understood, and at the same time misunderstood, concept about human intelligence. The problem with IQ scores is that they are far too easy to misinterpret and lead quickly to assigning people into the general categories of 'smart' or 'limited'.

An IQ is nothing more than a mathematically derived formula to quantify various test scores. However, people can also use software developer skills assessment tools from while choosing employees for their organizations.

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There has been a lot of research into IQ and it has been discovered that it is a good predictor of one thing, and one thing only – success in school! This is particularly true of the Wechsler model of IQ.

Gardner believes that every human being possesses a number of different capacities, all as a result of brain system functioning, which can be called 'intelligences'.

For Gardner, there are at least seven different types of intelligence and our inability and difficulty in recognizing them is a result of the way we educate people, relying mostly on words and numbers.

Gardner lists his seven bits of intelligence as:

  • Linguistic Intelligence – facility with words, reading, speaking.
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence – facility with numbers, logical-sequential thinking.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence – being sensitive to and understanding other people.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence – knowing oneself, one's beliefs, attitudes and values.
  • Musical Intelligence – the capacity to respond to music or perform music.
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence – ability to move, athletics, dance.
  • Artistic Intelligence – responding to or creating visual or plastic art.
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