How to use liquid to customize Shopify Theme templates

We can customize the template for posts on the Shopify blog by using two liquid objects viz. Articles and blogs.

For example, when customizing a blog template related to the author. Assuming the administrator needs to display the blog author's name in the blog template, our first step here is to find the article. If you are using a separate topic, this object is likely located in the article template.

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When we need to display blog authors using tags on the article edit page. If the label contains the specified name, the author's name will appear on the blog page. Once this is added we can see the article and its name as the author of the article. With fluid, we can also add the following and previous links to the blog. First, go to the file template. liquid section and leave the code where the social share buttons are.

The output after adjustment is as follows.

If we want to show whether the product in stock is available or not, we will adjust the product. liquid file.

If available, the product will be displayed, if not, the corresponding message will be displayed.

Here we examine the components used to customize the theme to demonstrate our store with the powerful Liquid Language feature, which has built-in functionality to support various aspects of the Shopify template.

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