Importance of Prefabricated Construction

More recently, the use of prefabricated construction has increased in many housing projects. Advantages of prefabricated building materials are multiple, as the components are ready and self-sustaining. 

In this technology, form work and scaffolding are removed, resulting in cost savings of form work. In the prefabricated housing systems, there is a time-saving, as the element can be printed in advance when the foundation is laid. 

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In the prefabricated construction, there is a higher quality, shape and size of prefabricated elements. Therefore, in construction, full advantage of the properties of the cement and steel had to be taken. 

There is the disciplined use of expensive materials such as cement, steel and wood. In this construction, the same components are produced several times, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings as well. 

The construction is not affected by rain, wind and weather. Work on the site is minimal and therefore the work is of better quality, more reliable and cleaner. 

Due to rapid completion and reduced construction period, the house can be occupied before, which means an early return on investment.

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