Importance of Using An Expert for GDPR Compliance in Ireland

GDPR compliance is in high demand these days, and many companies are trying to figure out how they will handle it. This article breaks down the process of working with a consultant in Ireland for GDPR planning and implementation, which can be much easier than doing it yourself.

Why does Ireland have unique requirements for its GDPR compliance?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of rules designed to protect the privacy of personal data in the European Union. In April 2018, Ireland passed its Data Protection Bill primarily aimed at protecting individuals' privacy rights and improving their security. 

Ireland's GDPR-compliant bill differs from the GDPR because it has stricter penalties for violations, requires consent to use personal data, and prevents companies from gathering too much information on individuals. To learn more about GDPR, you can appoint best GDPR consultant in Ireland via

What is the role of a consultant?

Many experts in Ireland can help with GDPR compliance. One role of an expert is to provide you with an assessment of whether or not your company would be compliant after GDPR. The role of a consultant is to advise the company on how to handle compliance.

GDPR is a regulation that is being enforced in many European countries. It should be enforced for every organization, no matter how large or small. This new regulation requires businesses to have their data protection policies and this can only happen if they use the services of a consultant from Ireland. 

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