Kids Bean Bag Themes That Inspire Your Creativity

Kids love playing with different themed games, and bean bags are no exception. Choose an Emoji-themed bag for your child, and she will have hours of fun playing with it. Or, you can choose one that features a Hula hoop or Hide and seek. Whatever the theme, there are tons of ways to make your kids’ bean bags more interesting. Here are some great ideas to inspire your creativity. All you need is a little imagination!


Emojis are the hottest trend right now, and that's no surprise. This adorable and colorful mascot can be found everywhere, from toy stores to online. You can even make your own bean bag using a template that you can trace onto black, blue, or white iron-on vinyl. This is a great way to incorporate emojis into any room, even the kids' ones.

Hula hoop

If you're looking for a fun activity for a children's birthday party, try Hula hoop for kids bean bag theme. This fun activity is sure to keep children engaged for hours. Using a hula hoop, children can play a variety of games. One of the most popular is the "beanbag tossing game." The objective of the game is to get rid of as many beanbags as possible in as few attempts. In order to play this fast-paced game, players run to other colored hula hoops and pass the beanbags to the hula hoop of the same color. The team with the least number of beanbags at the end of the game wins.

Hide and seek

Kids love to play hide and seek games, and the most popular kids' bean bag theme is the classic game of this name. Hide and seek is a classic game in which one person tries to tag every other person and try to stay hidden until they are tagged by someone else. During the game, a person who is tagged must stay hidden for 10 seconds before becoming the next seeker. The original game was developed by the Seattle Children's Sports Medicine Program. You can learn more about health and safety tips in my Good Growing newsletter.


If you want to introduce your children to the sport of basketball, then there are numerous bean bag games that can be played on your property. The games include Basketball Hoops, Pool Noodle Hoops, Hula Hoops, and Dribble Tag. These games require a lot of eye-hand coordination. For this reason, you may want to introduce bilateral coordination activities, such as squats, side steps, and single-foot standing, into your basketball bean bag theme.

Music freeze

If you're looking for a great bean bag game to play with your child, consider making a Music Freeze themed bean bag. A music freeze game is a fun and competitive way to let kids practice listening to music. The goal is to freeze when the music stops. Different ages and skill levels will enjoy this fun activity. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few great music freeze games for your child:


One of the easiest and most fun ways to include letters on your kids' bean bag theme is to use Ziploc bags for storing things that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Simply fill the bags with various items that start with each letter, such as stuffed animals or small items like balloons. Then, allow your children to toss their beanbags over the letters to spell out the word. There are many different ways to use bags for letter themes, so you can always find something that appeals to your child's sense of curiosity.


Using numbers is an excellent way to incorporate math in your kids' bean bag games. You can choose from bean bags in red and blue, or even ones with red and blue numbers. All bean bags come in a drawstring bag for easy storage. You can choose from many vibrant colors and have different themes available to match the number on the bag. Here are some examples of popular bean bag games that include numbers:

Toss a bean bag on a letter to spell a challenge word

Toss a bean bag on whichever letter is on the challenge card and watch your child spell the word. After all, the child doesn't have to know how to spell the word, but they can still try their best! Once they have mastered the game, hand them over the word they landed on. Then, they can spell it out loud or write it on a piece of paper or white board. They can also use skittles or M&Ms instead of beans, or another card.

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