Know About Basics Of Automotive Maintenance

Most people change their automotive oil regularly. Neglected oil change may cause harmful sludge build up in your vehicle, or worse yet undetected oil leak that could cause the motor to burst. So, first you want to set up a regular oil change schedule for your vehicle.

Once you have set up a schedule for regular oil change, you will want to have a qualified mechanic look over your vehicle to check for leaks, checking fluids, check the belts, hoses and the overall condition of your vehicle under the hood.

Mobile mechanic experts can provide those services. In the investigation, we will see each item of vehicle maintenance and make recommendation for the item needs to be addressed immediately, the items can wait, and which items can be developed into potential problems down the road. That way there will be no surprises when the drive and maintain your vehicle.

All makes and models of cars are different, but the main components and systems that make the car follows the basic mechanical principles are the same, and that is why a skilled mechanic should be able to work on all makes and models.

Some items are very neglected maintenance can lead to an expensive repair is servicing the transmission, brakes, and timing belts. Most of the transmission fluid needs to be replaced every 30,000 miles, as well as filters and gaskets.

Brake change interval varies greatly depending on driving habits and vehicle, but in general the interval of 40,000 miles is good for the pad / rotor brake changes. When we serve we also check your brakes and engages a brake hydraulic system flush fluid if necessary.  

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