Laser Fat Removal – Treatment

A recent development has been made in the arena of laser fat removal. Researchers found that for those people that consider laser fat removal but do not choose to go through with it, don't go through with it because of potential damage to surrounding areas of tissue. It seems that this is not an issue with the newest laser assisted device being the SmoothLipo laser.

This SmoothLipo laser assisted lipolysis treatment effectively and permanently destroys deposits of fat better and more efficiently than traditional lipo. The company that came up with this treatment is eleme Medical. They were able to harness this continuous wave of laser light that is emitted into target areas for fat removal. If you want to get the best fat removal service then you can check here.

It turns out that this treatment is so effective in liquefying fat, safely and gently suctioning out the fat, and demonstrating very little swelling that it has earned the approval of the FDA. During multiple years of scientific research, this method of laser fat removal has demonstrated that it will not only produce the results that you cannot get from diet and exercise, but it will not be a procedure that requires much down time. A day or two at most for most cases.

Because this type of laser fat removal uses a continuous wave laser there is a much less chance for tissue injury or laser burn. It's ideal for the smaller parts of the body where there is little wiggle room. It gets its name from its "smooth" continuous wave laser.

Other traditional methods use lasers that come on and off. This is where the opportunity for laser burn presents itself. As the continuous wave laser moves about, it stimulates the surrounding areas of skin and tissue. This will help with the toning and tightening of the area.

The end result of using this SmoothLipo laser is having less fat where you don't want it, smoother looking, more toned skin, and very minimal swelling that might last about a day or two.

Just about anyone can be treated but the ideal candidates would be those who are not looking to lose significant amounts of weight, rather those who are looking to reshape, tone, and tighten skin in the localized areas. This basically means in the areas of fat deposits that do not decrease in fat cells as a result of a healthy diet and exercise.

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