Maintaining Your Car’s Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner isn't as cool as it used to be, there could be a problem under the hood. There are three common problems that car owners experience with air conditioning that can cause gentle breezes:

  • There is a coolant leak
  • There's an electrical problem
  • Incorrect refrigerant level

As mentioned above problems are very serious and make car AC to perform properly. Due to such reasons, there is a need for auto air conditioning repair to function properly. Let's discuss the above-mentioned problems in detail.

What to Do When Your Car's Air Conditioner Stops Working - CarGurus

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If there is a refrigerant leakage in your car, the air streaming by the vents will not cool to the temperature you fixed in your car. This can cause otherwise cold air to blow at room temperature. Leaks must be eliminated as soon as they are detected because air and moisture entering the air conditioner have the potential to destroy the compressor, the pump that presses and pumps the refrigerant gas.

If your car is having an electrical dilemma it means that the fan or fan motor has stopped working. As a result, air no longer blows properly through the vents. Dust or dirt can be the cause of failure, although it can also be due to blockages or even damaged electrical connections. Removing obvious blockages can solve the problem. However, if it's a power connection, the problem may be more serious.

A third common problem with air conditioners is faulty refrigerant levels – too much or too little will cause your car's air conditioner to malfunction. The control signal is that the AC compressor is too loud or the AC is turned on and off too often and it may be time for a new compressor.

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