Money Saving Tips For Your Next Event – Canopy Tents!

Custom print canopy tents are very popular both for events and trade shows. Special print tents are very good branding opportunities but you might spend too much! You can find more about 10×10 Custom Pop Up Tent by CustomPopUpTents online. 

Once you understand the print process, you will better understand these tips:

1) Have a simple version of your logo which is only 1 or 2 colors. From a distance, the crowd cannot see smooth fades and dropping shadows on your logo art, so why waste your marketing budget on things that will not be visible.

2) Choose the same color canopy fabric as one color in your logo. If your logo is a blue star with a red moon that is the middle then you can go from a two-color print to print one color by selecting the red canopy boss and only print blue stars and then "break up" to the red canopy fabric for the red months.

3) If you will use the canopy mostly in the room or just a few times a year to tell your suppliers. There are various levels of steel and aluminum strength and their assumptions are you need a consistent tent for outside use.

4) If you know you will use more than one tent for a year then buy it at the same time so you can print everything simultaneously. The savings are important!

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