Most Common Types of Travel Visas Around the World

Please make a note of this is a broad overview of the visa. Each country may have a unique way to refer to a certain type of visa. Also, not all countries offer all types of visas. For example, a tourist visa is not offered for every country.

Business Visa: To engage in business meetings, negotiations, or attending the business-related conferences.

Tourist Visa: To take or participate in recreational activities or sports. It could be part of a cruise, tour group, our destination on the spot.  If you are going to Russia then you can get a tourist visa Russia from a Russian embassy.

Transit Visa: When someone is connected to a different flying trip to your final destination. In general, appointed by a short layover, but you will not leave the airport terminal. If you are, chances are you will need a tourist visa.

Work Visa: To work in a foreign country and must be paid abroad by companies based there.

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Stay Visa: To take up residence in a foreign country for an unspecified amount of time.

Student Visa: People involved in study abroad and will return back to their host countries.

Official / Diplomatic: Business on behalf of the legal entity or the US government. This is a special circumstance that would require an individual visa to submit either an official or diplomatic passport.

Visa Government: Invited by foreigners to do business, it has a unique situation and is generally reserved for the countries of the Middle East.

Long Term Visa: To stay on a tourist visa for up to one year, this classification is intended mainly to EU countries, and several other unique countries.

Entertainment Visa: If you plan to become a performer and entertainer on a cruise or a specific event, you may be asked to apply for a visa.

In addition to the above-mentioned visa, there is another type of visa with an exotic name.

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