Polyclonal Antibody To DTX1

Scientists have suggested that they need access to the book to target antibodies quickly to assist in their study.

Therefore happy to have the ability to give access to products that aren't fully characterized or validated.  If you want to explore about the product like human growth hormone ELISA kit picoKine then you can search the internet.

IMX Compounds are revealed by Peptide ELISA to bind to the peptide used as an immunogen. Investigators should empirically determine the suitability of this antibody, including optimum dilutions, for different applications of interest.

We can't ensure that the IMX antibody will work in any program other than in a Peptide ELISA against the peptide used as an immunogen and for that reason can't provide a refund when the antibody doesn't work on your application.

IMX Compounds can be found at a lower cost compared to more highly supported antibodies.

We aren't able to offer the peptide used as an immunogen for IMX antibodies.

Protein deltex-1 is a Notch Signaling Pathway protein that belongs to the Deltex Family of proteins. It comprises of RING zinc pointer and two WWE domain names.

DTX1 functions like control of Notch signaling and has practical importance in cell-fate ascertainments. It negotiates the antineuronal action of Notch by restraining the transcriptional activation interfered with by MATCH1.

It's included in neurogenesis, lymphomagenesis, myogenesis and MZB (Marginal Zone B) cell differentiation. It boosts B-cell development at the cost of T-cell growth, suggesting it may antagonize NOTCH1.

It acts as a ubiquitin-protein in vitro, recommending that it might manage the Notch pathway through some ubiquitin activity. DTX1, Together with DTX2 and DTX3, operates as E3 ligases based on their capability for self ubiquitination

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