Power Up Your Wedding Dcor With Flower

Flower walls have been a big hit since Kanye West married Kim Kadarshian in front of a wall covered with roses, white peonies, and gardenias.

This living, fragrant, floral background has become a popular trend in any wedding decor. They are a great way to create drama and an ambiance that is pleasing to all senses.

You can use flower walls as a backdrop for your reception, on your stage, in a photo booth backdrop, or as an accent wall.

You can match it with a color theme by creating a monochromatic wall using single-colored flowers or mix it up in a variety of wildflowers and leaves to create an English garden theme.

Or, you could do an entire wall with marigolds or roses to keep it traditional and classic. The tonality of your decor will depend on how you use them.

Ask your florist to help you decide on fresh flower decor. A wall, rather than distributing fresh flowers throughout the venue, might make a stronger impact and deliver a stronger punch.

Purple orchids are a symbol of royalty, admiration, and class. They will add beauty to your wedding day. For wedding decor, orchids are a great choice. They last longer than other flowers and can be used to power up any ceremony or wedding.

The classic white wedding cake can be modernized by adding purple or blue orchids to each tier. Or you can decorate the cake with these beautiful purple hues beauties. Glassware and orchids go together like sprinkles and cupcakes.

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