Pre School Child Care

Childhood is one of the most important stages of life. The age of a Preschool child is between 1 to 3 years. They are called Toddlers. Children in their toddler and preschool years are impressionable, making this the ideal time to help them develop healthy eating habits. If you are a resident in Netherland then you can also look for: amity school.

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You should now be giving your child regular and quality nutrients in a gradually increasing amount. These years can be very rewarding. During this time, your child is learning very fast. He or she is rapidly expanding his or her language learning and speaking. This is a good time, therefore, to teach good nutrition principles and eating habits.

Toddlers require energy for growth and physical activities. A better amount of foods with low energy may develop undernutrition. Protein, calcium, iron is required for the growth and development of bones, tissues, muscles, and blood.

Calcium is needed for the skeleton, teeth, muscles, and tissues, as well as to keep the calcium level in the blood at a healthy level. In order for your child to have good nutrition and grow up healthily, they will need to eat a wide variety of foods.

The best nutrition advice to keep your child healthy:-

  • Eat a variety of foods
  • Regular timing and interval of 2-21/2 hours between two meals.
  • Balance the food you eat with physical activity
  • Choose a diet with plenty of grain products, Green leafy vegetables, and fruits
  • Milk and eggs are very good sources of calcium and iron to meet their growing body's requirements.
  • Choose a diet low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol
  • Varieties of color, texture, and shape of the foods.
  • Choose a diet moderate in sugars and salt

Effect of Poor Nutrition upon Toddler:-

  • Weakness
  • Obesity
  •  Anemia
  • Insufficiency of Calorie/energy
  • Poor resistance against diseases or infection
  • lack of blood formation
  • Insufficiency of protein
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