Purchase Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Kits

One of the main causes of hydraulic cylinder damage is seal damage. Although the cost of hydraulic cylinder seals is not very high, they can be very expensive in terms of lost production and downtime if the seals damage the cylinders. 

When there is a problem in the cylinder, it is better to focus on the problem or cause that is causing the seal breakdown problem. To solve the problem of damage to the hydraulic cylinder seal, there is no need to buy a komatsu engine replacement kit from the hydraulic cylinder manufacturer. 

Instead, your hydraulic seal manufacturers are the ones who can provide you with the right sized seal. If the problem persists, contact your dealer for a solution that can extend the life of your hydraulic seal.

Most hydraulic systems become contaminated externally due to rod retraction. That is why proper installation of a scraper is a good solution.

Preventing internal contamination in hydraulic seals can be achieved through proper filtration of the system fluid. You know the seal is dirty when you see cut surfaces on cylinders and rods, excessive wear and seal leakage, etc.

If you notice that your hydraulic seal has a hard and brittle appearance, or if you see the edges of the seal or housing cracking, it means heat damage is in progress. To solve the problem of thermal degradation, it is necessary to reduce the problem at the seal lip, change the seal material, or improve lubrication.

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