Reusable Cotton Swab Is Good News For The Marine Environment

LastSwab is an environmentally-friendly reusable cotton swab that can be cleaned time and time again for long-term use. Do you realize that single-use swabs are among the largest pollutants to marine life and each day 1.5 billion cotton samples are manufactured? The carbon emissions resulting from the manufacturing and transportation of single-use swabs can be reduced if you switch to this amazing reusable solution.

There are two kinds of Swabs. A normal swab that appears similar to a cotton swab, and one that is ideal for your makeup bag. This makeup LastSwab basic has the perfect shape for cleansing any lines that aren't straight or blending tiny areas.

Reusable Swab Beauty

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The swab is comprised of a rigid dense nylon core, with soft medical silicone at each end. It's both visually appealing and practical.

LastSwab has developed its products that are biodegradable, including the swab as well as the case. They also took the time to consider the packaging they use. Everything is environmentally friendly. The big change? The swab is designed to last for a long time and cause less harm to our planet.

There are numerous colors available for both the different kinds of swabs. You could use the appropriate color codes for each task. It is also easy to store at home or carry to the road with you.

Benefits of Reusable Cotton Swab:

  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Benefits over disposable q-tips
  • Wide Application
  • A stylish, slim, and portable case
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