Roofing Soffit Ventilation: Why Do Houses Need It?

If you install a new roof or building, paying special attention to the installation, and in particular, soffit vents are very important. They are small and virtually unnoticeable to most people but they do a very important role in the efficiency of your home. You can know more about the soffit installation via

A small soffit vent is mounted on the underside of the roof overhang. A soffit overhang should be as large as it can easily allow air circulation. These vents allow air to circulate around the attic and roof are essential for maintaining a healthy home.

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In addition to maintaining safe shingles, soffit vents also help to keep the moisture from forming in the attic. A shut-off and an unventilated attic can hold the warm moist air inside the house for a long time. This air can condense and cause rot and mold in your home. 

Knowing about the soffit vents and how they help to keep your home energy efficient is very important when you install a new roof or have a moisture problem in your home. If you are not sure if your home has these vents, look closely along the bottom of your roof overhang. If you do not see them, consider calling a roofing company to make sure that your attic is not an ideal breeding ground for the mold.

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