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San Francisco is a city in California (USA). It is a major city located on the west coast and is the cultural and financial center in the San Francisco Bay area. The city became a public attraction in the mid 19th century's "California Gold Rush".

Since then, there has been continuous population growth and at the moment, it is the 2nd most densely populated city in the United States. It also represents the liberal activism hub in the country. If you are planning for vacations, check here now and get complete information about the best San Francisco hotels.

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Today, San Francisco is a popular tourist destination. The attractions include the mesmerizing Golden Gate Bridge, the steep rolling hills that surround the city, the island prison Alcatraz, the city Cable Car, the summer fog (which is generated by the cold north Pacific currents) and the Chinatown.

The beaches and the city parks are an addition to the city's beauty. San Francisco also serves as a major financial center in the region attracting more people.

Where there are tourists, there have to be hotels and San Francisco is no different. San Francisco hotels deal with offering quality accommodation. Hotels in San Francisco like "The Fairmont San Francisco" and "Hotel Majestic" speak of the city's old association with tourism.

The city also offers other affordable rather cheap hotel services. The price of a hotel room ranges from 25 to 120 Euros. Based on numerous customer reviews, Hilton San Francisco Union Square is the best among low-priced hotels. The hotel charges approx. 100 Euros for one night.


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