Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme In Calgary

As the scope of health and safety legislation continues to expand and complex, the need for extensive training in this area is critical for managers. As a result, especially in the construction industry, construction managers are expected to take on more responsibility to support their construction managers. 

The Construction Supervisor Safety Training Program, or SSSTS as it is known, provides supervisory authorities with a clear understanding of their responsibilities under various legal provisions. You can hire the professionals for employee health and safety training via to secure the future.

Business advantage

For the construction industry, which has clear health and safety policies and is successfully active, this is important for marketing and new business acquisitions or new tenders. It goes without saying that general contractors are more likely to use contractors who have this system as it reduces their liability.

Standards and requirements

This two-day course is accepted by the standard training for all managers working on the website and provides managers with an understanding of health, safety, social and environmental issues and their legal responsibilities in relation to their work. 


Upon completion of the course, candidates receive a certificate which is valid for 5 years. However, as with most courses, you can expect constant changes in legislation, technology, environmental management and cultural behavior. 

Course history

This course is an ideal basis for gaining a basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities of occupational health and safety for junior supervisors.

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