Solar Panels Producing Greener Energy and Free Electricity

The purpose of this article is to first dispel any myths you have heard about solar power and remove any varnishes from the smooth running of a sales pitch for companies that intend to sell you their products. 

Of course, no manufacturer or installer will ever rely on their product and never overestimate the efficiency of solar energy or trick you into what solar production does and its capabilities. 

Many households have a very bright optimistic view of the difference between solar energy for their lives and their household energy bills. Best solar panel installation companies will reduce your energy bill proportionately, but it won’t completely cut the grid or you won’t have to switch to gas and electricity suppliers anymore. 

In short, solar energy is not an alternative form of electricity generation or an “off-grid” means of life. Solar energy is just a means to cut your electricity bill. Many housewives have the illusion that investing in solar energy will warm their homes during winter. It’s almost impossible. 

Think for a moment about the time of year when the days are shortest and coldest and the sun is weakest and lowest in the sky. This is bound to happen in the period from October to March when your household is bound to use up more energy. 

Their irony is that the time of year you need the most energy for heating and lighting is also the time of year when your solar panels are the fewest and will most likely spawn particles from the magic figure that nominated the photo to your Volt Seller promoted.

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