Some Salient Features of Mystic Spray Tan

Mystic tanning is a new trend in sunless tanning. This revolutionary method was first introduced in 1998 and quickly gained widespread acceptance. It is a natural-looking, even glowing process that has been widely praised. Self-tanning was a popular method of getting a fake tan before the advent of mystic spray tanning. 

This was a home-use procedure that often left uneven results. People have also reported difficulty applying the tanning solution to their skin. Mystic tan is offered by many beauty salons and promises the same amazing results. There is various mystic spray tan salon like that help you in providing the best tanning treatment.

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DHA is the main active ingredient in mystic tan. This is an FDA-approved chemical that is responsible for the alteration of the skin's complexion. This chemical removes the outermost layers of skin cells and creates dark pigment. The solution takes a few hours to fully set in before it can work its magic. 

Mystic tan is a process that requires preparation. Tan-seekers must be able to prepare for mystic tanning. The most important step in preparation is to get rid of dead skin cells. A day before applying mystic tan, one should exfoliate her skin with a loofah. This allows the solution to be applied to the new cells in the body.

Mystic spray tanning takes only three minutes. After spraying, the tanner should wait for the mist time to absorb into the skin. If there is excess mist, the tanner may wipe it off using a paper towel. Then, pat the skin dry using a towel. Mystic tan can last for approximately a week.

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