The Best Deals To Keep An Eye On This Week

This week, shoppers can expect to find deals on electronics, apparel and home goods. Here are a few of the local steals and deals whio to keep an eye out for: 

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8-inch tablet: This tablet is regularly priced at $379, but this Black Friday, you can get it for $269.99.

2. Nike Free Run 3: This shoe has been on sale for $130-$150 all week long, but if you want them at their lowest price yet, they'll be available at Uniqlo for just $104.

3. JBL Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker: This speaker is normally priced at $129.99, but it's currently on sale at Best Buy for just $89.99.

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Who is getting a bigger deal on black friday, the consumer or the stores?

When it comes to shopping for deals, the consumer usually comes out on top. This is because different stores offer different deals on Black Friday, and it can be hard to know which one is the best deal.  

In fact, some analysts say that the average shopper typically saves around $40 on Black Friday. However, not all deals are created equal.

Some stores are giving away more than others, and some products are going for a lower price than they would during other times of the year. So who is getting a bigger deal on Black Friday, the consumer or the stores?

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