The Several Styles of Sweatpants

Given the basic shape of sweatpants, it's amazing how many styles designers have come up with, especially in recent years. These traditional sweatpants are of course made of cotton and have rubber bands on the waist and ankles. You can also buy beautiful sweatpants for girls via

Such pants are widely used among athletes, especially sports teams in high schools. They are also what many people use when they want to relax in their homes.

Jogging pants are wide enough to accommodate other clothing items, such as shorts. The lining option adds to the popularity of sweatpants among athletes, as they can be worn any time before, after, and during competitions when the athlete is not working but needs to maintain relaxed muscles.

As mentioned earlier, sweatpants have gone through various changes these days. Some of the newer styles are designed for functionality, while others are purely modern.

About five years ago, women started playing fashionable sportswear. This suit has a hood, zip-up top, or "hood" with matching underwear and both are usually made of suede.

An important difference between these sweatpants and those that athletes typically wear is that the fashionable sweatpants don't have elastic around the ankles. Instead, the legs are just folded, more like pants.

This suit was originally popular with Juicy Couture, a fashion line for young women, but the pants and sports tops were soon adopted by countless other labels including Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and other big names in sportswear. While I personally find these costumes quite silly and often unsightly, they show no signs of slowing down in popularity.

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