Things You Need To Remember When Buying Condo in Singapore

Buying a Condo or condominium is quite different from purchasing a townhome, apartment, or other kinds of ordinary homes. Basically, a group of homeowners share the land, associated expenses, taxes, and follow some particular rules and regulations.

The society of owners or a private company takes care of the repair, regular maintenance, collecting bills, and governing rules. An individual has to spend a good amount of money to purchase a Condo in Singapore. You can find an affordable condo in Singapore via

Alertness is necessary during the transaction. Using some tips from experts one can easily deal with all the challenges of transaction. If an individual is purchasing a Condo with total cash, there is no need to worry about finance options. But if you are not able to pay in cash, make sure the building can be financed easily.

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Check out the options for finance to make this process easy for you. For your ease, ask about the monthly mortgage options. Look for how many homes are rented or owned. Think again over your decision if you are the first one to own a Condo in Singapore.

The Owner tenancy can affect financing status. Come across with criteria you need to fulfill to get a loan for this exclusive house before starting your search. You might face difficulty in getting the loan when a person owns more than 10% of the entire building.

As a buyer, it is your right to know about the reserve fund for the Condo. Usually, this fund is used for improvement and maintenance like repairing of walls, roofs, fixing, and many more things.

If a building association does not have a sufficient amount of funds, it is possible that you may need to pay extra for this. To avoid the inconvenience, it is better to ask about the special taxes and charges before finalizing the Condo deal.

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