Top 3 BI Reporting Considerations

Not all BI reporting solutions are created equally. Below mentioned are the top 3 factors to take into consideration before investing in reporting solutions and templates.

1. Ease of Use –

Data analysis doesn't need to be difficult, but many of the BI reporting solutions out there are a bit hard to use from beginning to end. As you first begin exploring your business intelligence options, you may need an outside consultant to help you understand what's available.

After selecting a solution, you could need a team of IT experts to plan, deploy, and configure it. From there, your management team may need extensive training in order to use data visualization software. In addition, whenever you need a custom report, you may need to get IT involved to design and configure it.

Fortunately, not all of these solutions are this complicated. Look for solutions that do not require expert help every step of the way. For example, choosing Web-based data visualization software can avoid many of these problems while also delivering superb features and benefits.

2. Data Connectivity –

Next, consider how the data visualization software will access your data. Does it require a complicated OLAP server and database management system? Is it limited to just the data stored in your data warehouse or can it connect to multiple data sources?

Will you need a dedicated database administrator in order to manage access? Again, ease of use comes into play. At the same time, you'll also want to make sure that security measures are in place so that only those authorized to access certain data can do so.

3. Types of BI Reporting Available –

Another important consideration involves the actual types of business intelligence reporting the solution offers. Most data visualization software comes with both built-in reports as well as report authoring tools for creating your own reports. Ad hoc reporting is also an option. Each of these report types has its place.

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