Two Most Common Types Of Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum packaging is a widely used pre-sale packaging method in the food industry. This method involves sealing the plastic film package after placing the items in it. The goal of this method is to extend the shelf life of food by removing oxygen from inside the container and seal it completely . The method requires the use of a vacuum packaging machine; It comes in various forms. These two types of vacuum sealers are as follows:

Simple Vacuum Chamber Machine

Plastic bags are normally used for packaging in this machine. All the product must be placed inside the single chamber and the air is removed after closing the lid. The heat seal inside the chamber seals the bag. There are also different vacuum seal testers used. Find more information on vacuum seal testers by navigating through the internet.

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After this, the vent automatically opens to the outside and the chamber is refilled with air. The remaining air in the bag is squeezed due to this incoming pressure. The product can be removed after opening the lid. This vacuum packaging machine is used for low to medium volume packaging and can also seal liquids.

Double Chamber Vacuum Machine

The operation of these food packaging machines is similar to that of simple vacuum chamber machines. They also have the ability to seal liquids. Double chamber vacuum machines are used for medium volume packaging. The lid swings from side to side, increasing production speed. They have fully automatic lids or spring loaded lids. This vacuum packing machine is generally used for processed meats, sweets, fresh meats, chocolates and cheeses.

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